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AgEcon handle 93411 messed up ... reingest

The handle 93411 had no uri metadata and Louise could not open it in an agecon browser window. Here is a message that I sent to Louise

Louise, I have spent some time on this problem. It turns out that 93411 has no uri entry. I fixed this, but the item would not appear in DSPACE. I then found that it was not in any collection. I also fixed this but was again unable to display the item. Something is deeply sick with this item. I have extracted all the meta data and the pdf. I suggest that you reingest it into DSPACE. When you are done I will delete the 93411.


Here are the files that I sent her.

The metadata fields for 93411 in an excel file

A pdf of the asset for 93411

Some SQL along the way:

Find the metadata_field_id

select metadata_field_id text_value from handle, metadatavalue where metadatavalue.item_id=handle.resource_id AND handle=93411;

The value for this is: 46277

Insert a uri and a community:

INSERT INTO metadatavalue (item_id , metadata_field_id , text_value , text_lang , place) VALUES (46277,25,'http://purl.umn.edu/93411',' ', 1);

INSERT INTO communities2item (community_id , item_id) VALUES (312,46277);

THese failed to make 93411 visible.

Find the bitstream.

select bitstream.bitstream_id from handle,item2bundle,bundle2bitstream,bitstream where handle.resource_id=item2bundle.item_id AND item2bundle.bundle_id=bundle2bitstream.bundle_id AND bundle2bitstream.bitstream_id=bitstream.bitstream_id AND handle= 93411;

Here is a weird bitstream that I found. The pdf above is a rename of this weird bitstream.

bitstream_id | bitstream_format_id | name | size_bytes | checksum | checksum_algorithm | description | user_format_description | source | internal_id | deleted | store_number | sequence_id
62283 | 3 | aar11.12-g.pdf | 350991 | a8f946880c52a2ca33ebd8a3992bfdc3 | MD5 | | | /dspace/assetstore/dspace-sr/upload/d:\我的文档\上传文件\十一十二上传\aar11.12-g.pdf | 102022284912009077416587006709868722823 | f | 0 | 2

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