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UDC, Epeople, OCR, Crawler issues

Jason, I had a conversation with Bill just before lunch and he has used the x500 interface before and he pointed out a possible configuration issue which I fixed.
I have run some tests with Beth and we have confirmed that production will now:
1) Send the user to the correct page.
2) Produce an email (actually 2, I will get rid of one of these next week)
3) Produce a new eperson
Beth is happy with this situation. The only issue related to this is to perhaps change the message that the user sees. Attached is a pdf of that page Lisa and Beth can modify it and send it back to me.
Other issues:

1) Odd users that our x500 interface will not read.
I will take a look at the cases of these and talk to Paul who knows more about peoplsoft than the rest of us.

2) Crawlers - Curt sent me an email a few hours ago and said that he thinks the new software that he is installing will get us to 20K pdfs He will check in in a week. Nothing for me to do right now.
3) OCR - Beth and Eric need a report on which handles are not indexed. I will write some code to wrap my SQL calls that find these handles. Lisa has given pdfs that are not indexed to JN. It would be good to see if any are encrypted or otherwise troublesome.
Lisa I found out how to promote a user to an Admin. Beth did this for me on production. I'll show you how next week or this afternoon.

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