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Reason why Islandora could not connect to SOLR on stage

The bug

When we tried to connect to solr from islandora we got the error:
Unable to connect to Solr server 

Islandora code connected to the problem

This error is generated in the Islandora file:
./sites/all/modules/Islandora-islandora_solr_search-9e474f7/solr.admin.inc: The following function is the root cause of the problem:

 * @param String $solr_url
 * @return boolean
 * Checks availability of Solr installation
function solr_available($solr_url) {
  // path from url is parsed to allow graceful inclusion or exclusion of 'http://'
  $pathParts = parse_url($solr_url); 
  $path = 'http://' . $pathParts['host'] . ':' . $pathParts['port'] . $pathParts['path'] . '/admin/file';
  $test = @fopen($path, "r");
  if ($test) {
    return true;
  return false;

The fix (upgrade SOLR)

It turns out that solr 3.1 cannot recognize the
at the end of a URL. We upgraded to SOLR 3.4 and it worked.

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