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Reason why we could not upload foxml file (agecon_top.xml)

We had assumed that it was the XACML permissions this was not the case. The problem was actually due to a TN element in the foxml that was the problem.

Here is the contents of the
deny-apim-if-not-localhost.xml deny-inactive-or-deleted-objects-or-datastreams-if-not-administrator.xml deny-policy-management-if-not-administrator.xml deny-purge-datastream-if-active-or-inactive.xml deny-purge-object-if-active-or-inactive.xml deny-reloadPolicies-if-not-localhost.xml deny-unallowed-file-resolution.xml LOGPATH permit-anything-to-administrator.xml permit-apia-unrestricted.xml permit-dsstate-check-unrestricted.xml permit-oai-unrestricted.xml permit-serverStatus-unrestricted.xml readme.txt

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