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Metadata Field dc.type

Sql Query to get Types of AgEcon Papers

[silvi003:~]$ cat cmdType.sql
\f ','
\o outputfile.csv
select text_value from handle, metadatavalue, item  where metadatavalue.item_id=handle.resource_id AND handle.resource_type_id=2 AND 
handle.resource_id=item.item_id AND item.withdrawn='f' AND metadata_field_id=66;

[silvi003:~]$ psql -U dspace_sr  dspace_sr  < cmdType.sql 

The distribution

[silvi003:~]$ cat outputfile.csv  | sort | uniq -c | sort -n 
      1 journal article
      2 Dataset
      4 Preprint
     24 Book Item
    205 Thesis
    225 Book
    328 Thesis or Dissertation
   1096 Report
   2673 Technical Report
   3592 Working Paper
   6313 Article
   7492 Presentation
   8202 Working or Discussion Paper
   8694 Journal Article
   9294 Conference Paper

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