Mind Mapping and Silly Ideas


I revisited the mind mapping of Winter and came up with my own version shown below.


I then selected two categories at random and attempted to create a fun idea by mixing them.


Snowball Fights + Christmas
My first two themes were snowball fights and christmas. My creative idea was to create a reindeer snowball maker. You insert snow into the reindeer's mouth and then lift up the tail to extrude a perfect snowball.


Pies + Parades
Next was to create pie molds that mimic our favorite parade floats.


Family Gatherings + Gloves
Family gatherings are always full of matching t-shirts and organized photographs. Why not make a spin off the classic family name t-shirts and apply them like a tattoo to gloves or mittens?


Football + Sledding
Ever want to sled faster than you've ever been able to? Worried about injuries? Not any more! With these extreme sledding pads you can feel much safer attempting that homemade jump or bombing that extra steep hill.


Family Gatherings + Hot Chocolate
Making hot chocolate for all the kids in the family can be a difficult task. How do you make sure to please all the family members? How about making an easy to use, easily personalized hot chocolate machine! Now anyone can create their favorite hot chocolate combination by just the press of a button. This machine even will add the whipped cream to top it all off.


Olympics + Pies
Celebrate your favorite countries Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals by enjoying a slice of pie from their region. These pie pans even include an award winning pie recipe from the country listed on the bottom of the pan.


Turkey + Sweater
Ever want the warmth of a jacket but the aesthetics of a sweater? Now you can have both! This sweater is just a little thicker than the average cardigan but is lined with a down quilting.


Gloves + Hot Chocolate
Hate dropping your travel mug because your gloves are slippery? This new extra grippy travel mug will grip even the smoothest materials.


Snowmen + Parades
This snowplow/float look-a-like will drive down an unplowed road leaving a parade of snowmen standing behind.


Hats + Cookies
This final sketch came to me after my first experience at Insomnia Cookies. I was walking back from Insomnia and my warm gooey cookie managed to cool off before I was able to eat it. With this hat and its hidden food compartment, whatever food is stored inside is kept warm by using the body's loss of heat through an individual's head.


Hi Peter,

Your blog post was very enjoyable to read. Your idea sketches were very clear and well articulated. Your approach towards 'mixing ideas' was very well presented. You have listed out some great ideas!

I felt that you could have been slightly more elaborate with mind-mapping and maybe added more colors to it. I have two minor cosmetic suggestions for you.. maybe you could try cropping your photos a bit more. I think you have posted the content for the second assignment twice-- I didn't know which one to comment on. :) If possible, try deleting one of the posts.

Overall, impressive work!


Great job on the description of your thought process, and your overall 'story' of ideas. I personally liked the reindeer that gives the snowball! That is a neat idea for kids to play with. Thinking back to my childhood, or even now, I would love to have snowballs made and ready for me to use. Also, I liked the idea of a car that makes snowmen! That is a very interesting idea. I wonder if it would be possible to somehow make it an attachment to our current cars - that would be even better.
One thing I noticed to improve on - you could design your blog to be more appealing by adding some colors and more contrast. Also, little thing - cropping the pictures would improve the experience!
Great job!

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