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I set up a google form to survey and rank my top ten ideas from last week in order to narrow down to my new "top five".

  • I asked survey participants to rate each idea's novelty, feasibility, and marketability on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • I asked if they would buy it for themselves and/or for someone else.

  • I asked how much they would pay for the idea.

The results looked something like this:



My new top five is as listed below:

  1. Reindeer Snowball Maker
  2. Windshield Heads-up Display
  3. Modular Table
  4. Heated Center Console
  5. Steering Wheel Drum Set


Thumbnail image for assignment6-01.png

Thumbnail image for assignment6-02.png

Thumbnail image for assignment6-03.png

Thumbnail image for assignment6-04.png



I compiled the information from the survey into graphs like the one below to more accurately price each idea.


estimated cost of production:

  1. Reindeer Snowball Maker - $5

  2. Windshield Heads-up Display - $50-100

  3. Modular Table - $25-50

  4. Heated Center Console - $10

  5. Steering Wheel Drum Set - $


Nice graphs! It makes your data very easy to understand. I'm sure it also made it easier to compare the ideas/findings. Personally, I would love a heated center console for my car! The HUD for dashboards is a really neat/sci-fi idea. I think there's quite a few companies already working on this. Also, some that have implemented it in the past?

Great graphs. They make it easy to see what was popular and what wasn't at a glance.

I don't think you need to ask your survey respondents if a concept is novel/useful/feasible. That's for you to figure out in your research stage. Any answers they gave on NUF would essentially be guesses. It might have been better to replace those questions with questions like "would you use this?", "do you know someone who would?", etc. These questions would prime the survey taker for the big money ask and the end, and could also help broaden your estimated potential market (survey taker might not ever use this product, but she knows her co-worker would just LOVE it).

I think some product name text boxes on your 2x2s would have also been helpful, just to help the reader figure out what--specifically--you were comparing.

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