Idea Selection and Pitch




Gold goes to the Reindeer Snowball Maker/Launcher!
Silver to the Modular Table
And a three way tie for Bronze between the Windshield HUD, Heated Center Console, and Steering Wheel Drum Set

Final Name:

I made a list of possible/pun based names and here's the top options:

  • Snowball Shooter

  • Sleigher-er

  • Rambo Reindeer

  • Snowball Slingshot





Your chart is very organized and easy to read, well done. The variables that you considering in your Pugh chart were really good and very relevant. You put the potential products up against more than 4 and that's good! It was cool to be able to see your other possible names for the snowball maker/launcher, you picked a good one! Your sketches are great and including one of how the user would interact with the product was such a great visual to throw in there.

I loved your presentation and product. It was fun, playful, and clever. Your poster was well made, aesthetically pleasing, and the product's use was made very clear by your clean visuals. Great job! Also, loved the name you ended up with! Your product would be a great novelty present for the holidays.

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