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Along with previous entries, it is important to realize that there are often times more than one correct answer to a problem. It is necessary for a leader to be able to make these difficult decisions without becoming overly stressed or feeling like a bad person. However, when it comes to legal matters they may only have the option to choose the right and legal answer otherwise they may put their team/company in jeopardy if they choose mercy over justice in those situations.

Kidder, R. M. (2003). "Overview: The ethics of right vs. right." How Good People Make Tough Choices (pp. 13 - 29). New York: Simon & Schuster.

Last Week's Entry: Along with the previous definitions it is important for a leader to have a clear goal and direction. If they do not know what they want or where they are heading, how should their followers know? Followers need guidance as to what and where they are headed for, otherwise they may leave their leader for a new one who provides a clear compass.

Lee, R. J., & King, S. N. (2001). "Ground your leadership vision in a personal vision." Discovering the Leader in You: A guide to realizing your personal leadership potential (pp. 31 - 54). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc.

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