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When reporters write news, it is crucial to write a concise and catchy lead. Readers are not patient and they are always in a hurry.
In a news lead, there should be basically four W: who, what, when where. Why and How are can be optional. Generally, the lead starts with Who or What. However, there is no fixed rule for it. Writers can choose the most interesting part of the fact as a beginning of the lead. When the news is about a celebrity, his or her name can be the start. When reports write stories about interesting facts in local news, the place can be the start.
Among my news entries, 'Apple Unveils Faster, Thinner iPhone 5 with 4-Inch Retina Display, LTE Support,' it starts with the fact that Apple announced the new iPhone on Wednesday. The lead includes have all parts which can interest readers.

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OK. This is fine. Keep working. GG

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