Skydiver Lands smoothly after daring 24-mile leap to Earth in bid to Break Sound Barrier

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By Gyusung Sim

Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner landed gracefully on Earth after a 24-mile jump Sunday from the stratosphere in a dramtic, record-breaking feat that may also have marked the world's first supersonic skydive.
The jump was postponed on Monday and Tuesday because of unexpected winds. Baumgartner has been working his way up to this world record jump from the edge of space for the past few years, twice running into speed bumps, reported by the USA Today.
Baumgartner came down safely in the eastern New Mexico desert minutes about nine minutes after jumping from his capsule 128,097 feet, or roughly 24 miles, above the Earth, reported by the Star Tribune.
Baumgartner has said he plans to settle down with his girlfriend and fly helicopters on mountain rescue and firefighting missions in the United States and Austria.

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