Nature vs Nurture: Athletic Success

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I am a big sports fan and my major is Sports Management; So I tried to connect Sports and Psychology together. My three past weeks in Psychology has been confusing, but one interesting concept I picked up was Nature vs Nurture. How is athletic success determined? That is the question I was curious about, ever since I started playing basketball at the age of ten. Is it nature which are the effect of genes or is it nurture (environmental factors).

When I grew up playing basketball, I got into my middle school team and noticed that everyone was somewhat athletically similar. I was about 5,9" and my teammate Jonah Travis who now plays basketball for Harvard University was about a inch taller then me; and our muscle density was about the same. We averaged about the same, he had 12 ppg and I had 10 ppg. I wondered how this middle school kid turned into a really muscular basketball player that averaged 21 points in his senior year and I averaged only 6 points. In high school he was 6,4" and I grew a inch, which made me wonder if nature (genes) was going to effect my performance on the court? Because we went through the same program and did practiced about the same amount throughout our life, so Nurture really doesn't have any effect to this cause. I ask myself, is it because he's half white and black, and I'm Asian? A typical stereotype for African-Americans and I believe is a critical thinking principle of Falsifiability, which is a claim that must be capable of being disproved.

The article "Nature v Nurture in Athletics" talks about how you need both nature and nurture in order for athletes to become successful. "The athletic capacity of any person is influenced not just by nurture or environmental factors but also by nature or inherited genetic characteristics." After reviewing this article I can say that my claim about me being Asian isn't necessarily why I didn't become athletically successful like Jonah, but now the answer from this evidence is that nature and nurture both support this claim.

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