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Inaccurate Voting Machines: Blog Entry #5

As I am typing this blog, I am thinking about the topic that JOUR 4551 is currently on: the inaccuracy of electronic voting machines. It is an interesting topic due to its importance and significance of voting and elections in our country. What goes through my mind is the question, why? Why does this have to be an issue!! Who would have the lack of heart to hack into these machines and change votes? Seriously! I know that people can be greedy, but this is so extreme! Especially related to politics! I always thought that people have some decency and respect for others; not to mention for the whole system!

This whole issue seems shocking to me. I don't understand why businesses would sell machines that would negatively effect political elections! As a country, are we that shady? I know it's a dog-eat-dog type of system, but that is just a bit far. If you think about it, our country's companies (especially the bigger well known ones) represents who we are. I think this issue ruins our country's reputation from a greedy, capitalist one to an even more greedy, capitalist, shady one.
What I think would solve this problem is if we vote the old fashioned way, with paper, pencil/pen, hands, and brains! It would be tedious tedious work, but it seems to be more reliable than machines. There are risks associated with this, such as miscounting. There are risks to everything and most of the time the simple way is the best way.

Relating to technology in general, I think that we should stay away from anything too complicated, especially with things that are run by computers where people can hack into. Was this thought of before the concept of these machines were designed?