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September 25, 2006

Find a social design issue. Document it. Become an advocate for it.

Over the week I have struggled to find something that fits with the blog prompt.
So I finally, last night, decided to go with the social issue of poverty. Thomas Fisher's guest lecture last week really hit home with me; the design and architecture jobs that the students working under Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee are very close to some of the projects I hope to complete as an architect.

Sambo and his students at Auburn's Rural Studio built by the strength of their own hands and the bright thoughts of their minds beautiful buildings for the people of Hale County, one of the poorest county's in all of America. They used any thing that was handy to create truly amazing houses and community buildings for the community of Masons Bend, Alabama. Going from living in broken down sheds and trailer homes, with a per person income of less then 12,000 a year, the buildings that Mockbee and his students gave the people are something that they can be proud of and have as a flag for the rest of the world to see, much like the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Lucy's house named for it's owner, is a nice look at how Mockbee's students use anything and everything to make a beautiful building out of the most surprising building materials, In this case they use recycled carpet tiles
for more info on Lucy's House go to:
As I looked around for pictures of my favorit bulding,The Mason’s Bend Community Center, I finally did find one as you can see at the very begining of this blog.

I found a cool story of how the Rural Studio came about bulding the Butterfly House and a bunch of other stuff about their work in Masons Bend.

September 17, 2006

Blog Prompt week of sept 12th

Go to the Midtown Market on Lake St. Observe. Define Energy. List the ways in which you might create, use and exchange energy here.

September 16, 2006

Welcome to my mind

Welcome to my new blog.
I'll start off by saying a little about who I am.
My name is Jeb I'm 17 I am curently talking classes at the U of M through a program called PSEO.
The classes at the U are really my reason for this Blog. Part of out weekly assignment in Arch 1701 The Design Environment is to post blogs on diffrent blog prompts we are given by our Professor, Ozayr Saloojee.
So Welcome and enjoy my random thoughs and words.

Midtown Market

Even before you arrive at the Midtown Market, the energy of many blending cultures is apparent. As you drive up Lake St. past Hiawatha many cultures are showcased:A Mexican horse outfitter, all the way to a Swedish shoppe wish a sign in the window proclaiming "lutefisk available during construction!"

When you go through the market doors a wave of colors, smells, sounds and cultures blasts into your senses. As I wandered through the market I was drawn to a smell pouring from a corner of the market, a Mexican bakery had just took out a batch of different cookies, breads and other great smelling baked goods.

Interesting Shops:

Native American craft store.

Scandinavian store (collectibles, and food)

Middle Eastern Gyro place (looked very tempting, but I had no money)

Chinese Restaurant (yum, cream cheese won-tons)

South African (cool wood carvings etc.)

Massage Place (you could feel relaxing energy coming out of there)

Japanese Convince Store (even Japanese energy drinks!)

Andy's Garage (Just a little bit out of place?)

Many little open courts provide a lunch spot for the bustle of midtown business people, as I walked around a meeting of many people in full suit get up was just beginning and carried on happily all through out my time there.