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Midtown Market

Even before you arrive at the Midtown Market, the energy of many blending cultures is apparent. As you drive up Lake St. past Hiawatha many cultures are showcased:A Mexican horse outfitter, all the way to a Swedish shoppe wish a sign in the window proclaiming "lutefisk available during construction!"

When you go through the market doors a wave of colors, smells, sounds and cultures blasts into your senses. As I wandered through the market I was drawn to a smell pouring from a corner of the market, a Mexican bakery had just took out a batch of different cookies, breads and other great smelling baked goods.

Interesting Shops:

Native American craft store.

Scandinavian store (collectibles, and food)

Middle Eastern Gyro place (looked very tempting, but I had no money)

Chinese Restaurant (yum, cream cheese won-tons)

South African (cool wood carvings etc.)

Massage Place (you could feel relaxing energy coming out of there)

Japanese Convince Store (even Japanese energy drinks!)

Andy's Garage (Just a little bit out of place?)

Many little open courts provide a lunch spot for the bustle of midtown business people, as I walked around a meeting of many people in full suit get up was just beginning and carried on happily all through out my time there.