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Rising up out of the bank of the Mississippi a large blue and yellow phenomena know among other things as "Ikea on Viagra" or by the more widely recognized title: The Guthrie Theater.
Funny what a little photo editing can make ya think

The Guthrie Theater is a large scale model of what large amounts of theaters around the bustling Twin City's Performing arts community create on a much smaller scale. Phenomena's are made up of Things, Frameworks, and Clockworks. Frameworks are something that the thing is or is similar to other things and a Clockwork is the pattern that the things do.

As You Like It -Trippy 60's/70's Style

With the Guthrie the Thing is the productions they produce for the community. The Frameworks are the shows because, like shows other theaters put on they are Theatrical productions intended for the audience's enjoyment. The Clockwork is the pattern of shows coming through the Guthrie, one show finishes then the next show comes into town for it's set run time and then it to goes on it's way.

The last show at the old Guthrie, Hamlet
The dude in the orange tie is Artistic Director Joe Dowling and the guy in the back second from left is Randy Reyes who I've met and is now Artistic and Producing Associate with Theater Mu. Randy is an awsome guy.