October 9, 2006


Rising up out of the bank of the Mississippi a large blue and yellow phenomena know among other things as "Ikea on Viagra" or by the more widely recognized title: The Guthrie Theater.
Funny what a little photo editing can make ya think

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October 2, 2006

Blog 3 Response

When I got the prompt my first thoughts were "what the? that's from the reading I didn't get."
When I first started reading the readings and had gotten to the Genius Loci text I had struggled
through about a page, maybe two before I just flat out gave up and skipped over that reading.

Going back I found Genius Loci means the "spirit of place". That set of another round of thoughts
running though my mind. "What places count? Which place means most to me?
Why don't I have any pictures of that place." Once I sat down at the computer and started on one idea
I finally came to an idea, my thoughts settled on a unschoolers camp that I have gone to out in Organ
for the past two years. The spirit of NBTSC (Not Back To School Camp) is very much like the spirit
I go through my life with so it's a very meaningful and special place for me.

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September 17, 2006

Blog Prompt week of sept 12th

Go to the Midtown Market on Lake St. Observe. Define Energy. List the ways in which you might create, use and exchange energy here.