Digital Focus Final Reflection

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Digital re compositing pictures of Duluth and adding graffiti to them.
Final printed size is 5x7(postcard size). I also printed 2 of the images in 8x10 as well.
I wanted to re composite photographs of Duluth into composition that don't belong. It is a pretty subtle change because the images look realistic even though they're different images put together. Then I added graffiti to each image to add to the idea even more of things that aren't supposed to be there. Each piece of graffiti is a tag of my last name almost as if to show that I was there. In each image the colors of the graffiti are reflected in the sky of the image somewhere in order to unify all the pieces. The issues I had with doing this project was finding images that would go well together and then messing with the contrast and saturation to make them look as though they belong together. Cutting out some of the objects was pretty difficult s well, Especially the trees. It takes a long time to select around all of the tiny branches in order to make it look realistic. I discovered that if I cut it out a little bit more rough, I could use the smudge tool to go back in and make it look more realistic and it cut down on the time i had to spend.
I didn't mind doing this project and I would do something like it again. I feel like my project turned out pretty successful. It developed a long way from the beginning through critiques and fixing things every week.
If I were to present this work to the public, I would like to keep them printed small almost as if they are postcards. This would encourage people to look at these pieces closer and notice the details.
If I were to expand this project further I would probably create more images by doing the same thing and maybe do even more compositing in each image. Maybe take it farther than just images from Duluth and take pictures from all over. I think this would make the pieces more interesting, because there's only so much to take pictures of in Duluth. Places like Minneapolis have a lot more to offer.

Progress Week 5

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I've created a new image and I have refined most of my other images and improved the aspects of each one that were concerns during critique.


Progress Week 4

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I've continued working on compositing more images together and finished 2 more and started one other one so far. I've also fixed some of the older ones and made the graffiti look more realistic.

Progress Week 3

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I have exported some of my photos that i've taken into a webpage. I have also re-edited some of my photos after the last critique and made another new image as well.

Viz Lab

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Heidi and I went and retaped all of the images that were peeling off in the Viz Lab on Friday. We also printed off some images of flowers I had in color and added them to our installation. I think the splashes of bright color on the windows really adds a lot to our installation.

Progress Week 2

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Ive taken some more pictures and experimented with different ways of finishing my pictures. This is one I experimented with. Still debating on doing something different with the sky. I think in each image I want to make them black and white and have the graffiti in color and also add the colors of the graffiti in other spots of the picture as well.
Another one i'm working on

Progress week one


So far I have taken a lot of digital photos from all around Duluth. I have started messing with the photos trying to come up with interesting compositions as well. I have also begun drawing some graffiti and am in the process of coloring it in in photoshop.
Just a couple that I've started messing with. Still have to add the graffiti and i'm probably going to add some kind of effects to each photo as well.


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Our installation in the VIZ lab was completed on Tuesday. We finished putting up all of the images in the window and I will post a good picture soon. The image I took on my phone isn't very good.vizlab.jpg


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In our installation we made a grid like design using our winter remix images and displayed it on the Viz Lab window. In this assignment I helped prepare the images for printing, cut out the images after they were printed, cleaned off the Viz Lab windows, and helped install our work in the windows. We aren't completely done installing due to the fact that they had a meeting going on in front of the second window on installation day. The windows that we have done look good so far and we should be able to finish the last window in not much time after break.


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My idea for my digital focus is to take pictures from around Duluth and recomposite them in different ways while adding graffiti to different parts of each image that is hand drawn by me. I'm also playing with the idea of adding some kind of special effects to each one of the images I create as well.
5 artists that inspire me...
Oliver Wasow">

David Fischer">

Keith Haring">


Graffiti graveyard in Duluth

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