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Tweed Remixes

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1st one
2nd one
3rd one
4th one
Last One
I don't think any of the images I created would pass copyright laws due to the fact that I used the recognizable characters from the paintings in every one of my remixes. Even though I distorted them a bit they're still recognizable. They're okay for educational purposes but I couldn't reproduce any of them for profit.

Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I'm choosing to work with
Roy Thomas
(Canadian, Ahnisnawbe, b.1949)
Painting Tomorrow's Dream
acrylic on canvas, 48" x 36"
Gift of Sivertson Gallery, Duluth
tweed choice.jpg

I like this piece because it is a tribal style image and I like the use of bright colors. It's an abstract piece and I think I can make some interesting compositions using pieces of this work.

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