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Our installation in the VIZ lab was completed on Tuesday. We finished putting up all of the images in the window and I will post a good picture soon. The image I took on my phone isn't very good.vizlab.jpg


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In our installation we made a grid like design using our winter remix images and displayed it on the Viz Lab window. In this assignment I helped prepare the images for printing, cut out the images after they were printed, cleaned off the Viz Lab windows, and helped install our work in the windows. We aren't completely done installing due to the fact that they had a meeting going on in front of the second window on installation day. The windows that we have done look good so far and we should be able to finish the last window in not much time after break.


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My idea for my digital focus is to take pictures from around Duluth and recomposite them in different ways while adding graffiti to different parts of each image that is hand drawn by me. I'm also playing with the idea of adding some kind of special effects to each one of the images I create as well.
5 artists that inspire me...
Oliver Wasow">

David Fischer">

Keith Haring">


Graffiti graveyard in Duluth

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