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Dan Goods VCLS lecture

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I recently attended the VCLS lecture by Dan Goods. He is a visual strategist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Silicon Valley, California. He has a degree in Graphic design but he currently works in creating large artist exhibits using a variety of technologies. Since he works for NASA, he has access to a variety of unique materials that nobody else can have access to. For example he used this unique gel substance that is made of 98 percent air to project light through and make an eye catching exhibit. He also created this E cloud exhibit at the San Jose airport. He used light crystal panels suspended from the ceiling to show the weather patterns of various major cities. This was so popular that he created a similar exhibit in Atlanta that shows planes flying in and out of the airport. He has a unique approach to art and I think its something that everyone should keep in mind. In a highly competitive field such as graphic design, artists with new unique ideas are the ones who will get the jobs.

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