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Amazing chalk illustrations

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These artists draw these huge murals on sidewalks but draw them in a elongated scale so that when you look at it in the right angle it appears to be 3D as if there is a hole in the sidewalk or as if something is popping out of it. I thought these artworks relate to our study of scale seeing as they have to be drawn in a larger scale and stretched in order to give the full effect.

Cool video of painting on water

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This guy creates a painting by painting an image on water and then transferring it to paper. His paintings have a strong sense of rhythm and have a cool effect when they are done.

Cool Photography project

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This photographer took identical pictures of people 20+ years later and its crazy to see how they changed over the years. Every thing in the picture is identical except for the person has aged dramatically.

Website with lots of very interesting illustrations

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This image from the website has a good use of scale. Based on the perspective that the artist is showing the spaceship actually looks smaller than the astronaut and the same goes for the earth. It is shown the same size as the head even though we know in reality is much bigger.

Collection of music posters

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Creative artist Glenn jones

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Website for funny and creative posters by artist Glenn Jones

Creative ways of using barcodes

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Good use of lines.

Line, Rhythm, and Balance

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All three are a very important part of design. Line is everywhere. You can have implied lines that your brain will connect, or just lines in your art that guide your eyes through the piece. Rhythm is important because you want your eyes to flow throughout your art without stopping in any certain spot for too long. Balance may be one of the most important things in design because if your art isn't balanced in some way it is going make the viewer not want to look at it. You should have equal wait on both sides of the piece. These are all things to think about when creating art and things I will be taking into consideration when creating art for this class.

Research Blog

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This blog is where I will be keeping track of all of my research and findings throughout the semester.

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