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Rules and Randomness

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Artists use rules to create a sense of organization to their piece. Web and book designers commonly use style sheets in order to have an overall style for their art. Grids are the most common way that artists and designers organize their work. Generally you want to have some kind of grid in place when making your art otherwise it will appear very random and chaotic.


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Diagrams make everything a lot easier to understand. Instead of just telling somebody how to do something, diagrams actually show a person how to do something or how it works. They are very helpful for visual learners. This diagram of the human heart depicts the different parts of the heart, helping you to understand the anatomy of it.


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Patterns have a strong use of repetition and it gives art a sense of unity and consistency. Patterns appear everywhere. They appear in nature on the skin of animals like zebras and cheetahs or on the bark of a tree. They also appear in architecture and many other places as well. This particular pattern gives an optical illusion. As you stare at it, the picture makes you feel as though you're getting sucked into the art.

Grids and Modularity

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Grids and modularity give a piece of art a sense of organization. Any of the old video games such as mario were very pixelated giving it a sense of modularity. Grids in general are a good way to keep your art very organized. It is a very key component of book design. You have to keep your spacing and grids consistent in order for the book to be unified.


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Transparency gives a piece of art a good sense of depth and transparent colors become more vibrant as they pass over other colors. Transparency also gives the piece a feeling of clarity.


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Layers make a digital piece of art much easier to manage. They give a piece a sense of depth and make your art easier to change and add things to. Layers are also used in traditional art as well mainly in collage. This picture of mark zuckerburg is composed of many smaller images all layered on top of each other

Cool Hologram performance using time and motion

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Here is a video of a performance that the crew of the coachella festival put together. They actually created a hologram of tupac and he performed alongside snoop dogg. Tupac has been dead since 1996 and this was pretty realistic looking. It's really interesting to see how good technology is getting these days that dead celebrities could still do performances after they've been dead for over 16 years. This video uses time and motion to create a unique hologram performance. I'm sure the creators of this performance had to create the movement from a series of still images and animate it in order to make it look so realistic

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