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Michele Bachmann Makes News With President Bush

After President George W. Bush gave his annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday, he followed tradition by mingling and signing autographs for the members of Congress. One in particular, however, made sure she got the attention she wanted. Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann had her program signed by the president, and then proceeded to place her hand on his shoulder and keep it there for a full 24 seconds, before bringing him in for a kiss on the cheek.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press spent much of their Thursday report on the popularity of the video of the event on KTSP's website, whereas the Star Tribune devoted more of their story on the reactions of various parties involved, and compared her interaction with others, such as Representative Norm Coleman.

A challenge faced well by both publications was that of writing such an article and keeping opinion out of the story. Many people have an opinion on the matter, whether they are disgusted with Bachmann's actions or understanding.

The leads of the stories were very different. The Pioneer Press's was slightly more direct and contained more information about the event. The Star Tribune, on the other hand, used more of a teaser type of lead, giving just enough information to get the point across, yet still intrigues the audience to continue reading the story.

You can check out the KTSP video here.