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Flu Claims Life of Ramsey County 8-Year-Old

Ramsey County 8-year-old Lucio Satar died on Wednesday morning from complications of the flu and pneumonia. This is the first influenza related death this season, and Minnesota hasn't seen one since the 2004-2005 season.

The Twin Cities newspapers covered this event very differently.

The Pioneer Press's article was substantially shorter in length and dealt more with the personal story and tragic death of the little boy, detailing the circumstances of the sickness and the actions that his elementary school took in lieu of his death.

The Star Tribune's article, while longer, hardly gave the boy's name or any information about the specifics of the event, and focused more on the community's need and availability of flu vaccines this season. They also provided information and statistics about who is more likely to be vulnerable to the flu, and who should be concerned.

Attribution was done well in the Star Tribune, mostly using quotes from officials and statistics as support in the article. I found a couple spots that were not attributed in the Pioneer Press' piece, but it was written as more of a human-interest piece, and the reporter may not have found it necessary, or appropriate given the weight of the situation.