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Franken Announces Senate Bid

Known primarily for his career as a comedian, Al Franken announced Wednesday at the end of his radio show that he plans on running for the Minnesota Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, challenging Republican Norm Coleman. He heavily admitted that it will be a challenge and that he will likely make mistakes, but he also wanted the Minnesota people that he is taking this decision very seriously.

Stories on this event were widely available, from the Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, a short AP story out of the New York Times, and a good-sized article from BBC News. All said basically the same things, contained the same quotes, etc. The more local papers (the Press and the Strib) contained the most information, with more direct information from Franken himself, whereas the NY Times AP story was more in the style of a brief. I was impressed with the BBC article, as it was longer and more detailed than I expected it to be.

I couldn't see any real challenge posed by this story. The event was expected to occur, and people to interview on the issue were likely widely available and ready for comment. The BBC reporters probably had the hardest time, since they were across the pond.