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Minneapolis Named Nation's 4th Most Fit City by Men's Fitness Magazine

In an informal survey conducted by Men's Fitness Magazine, Minneapolis ranked number four of America's most fit big cities behind Albuquerque (no.1), Seattle (no.2), and Colorado Springs (no.3). The fattest cities are marked as Las Vegas, San Antonio and Miami. Criteria was based on lifestyles of the cities, including fast-food restaurants per capita and availability of gyms or bike paths.

Both the Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press spent only a brief space on this hail to Minneapolis. Both publications used the Associated Press as their source, but picked slightly different parts of the report to include in their article. The Star Tribune seemed to be slightly more general in their article, which is odd considering that the Strib is a more "Minneapolis" based newspaper than the Pioneer Press, who gave more detail and used a quote from the editor of Men's Fitness magazine.