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In a Winter Wonderland, Spring in Stores is Upon Us

While we are all shoveling out our cars, taking ski trips and snow days, and enjoying the white stuff that we didnt have two weeks ago, stores like Target and Gap are long gone with their winter gear.

Snow in March is a fact of life in Minnesota, but when weather strikes, where can you go to get what you need? Allison Kaplan of the St. Paul Pioneer Press did a little researching and found stores that offered some limited supplies for those of us who didn't get it the first time around, and that is much appreciated.

For things like winter jackets, hats, mittens, gloves, boots, snowblowers, sleds, and snowboards, Ms. Kaplan surveyed the area and can tell you if what you need still exists in the Metro, and where to get it if it does.

For clothing goods like jackets, boots and long underwear, there are plenty in stock at the local sporting goods stores, as well as snowboards and skis.

For the more practical people, they will be saddened to know that all of the snowblowers in the area are completely sold out. Sleds are short on the lists as well. She jokingly suggests using a cafeteria tray. I've been using boxes.

This article could have been challenging because surveying all of the possible places to get these sort of things probably took alot of time and effort, but the outcome is much appreciated for people like me who are now wondering, "Where can I still get that stuff?"

Unfortunately, I'll be sticking with boxes for my sledding adventures.