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Now, Here's a Trend that I was Unaware Of: Couples Want Separate Bedrooms?

Although it struck me as strange when I ready the lead of this feature article by the New York Times, the more I read on, the more the whole idea made sense. It is becoming more and more popular for couples to have separate bedrooms in their houses, due to different sleeping habits or disturbances like snoring.

Builders have noticed an increase in couples who want separate master suites or in one case, separate wings of the house. They predict that 60% of new custom houses will be built this way by 2015.

The couples that Tracie Rozhon interviewed all had very legitimate reasons for wanting separate bedrooms. Most decide to make the change after children have grown, but they like to keep it "hush-hush" so as to not create speculation about troubles within the marriage.

And although it may seem like this would put a damper on the sex life, most of the couples say that it actually has improved the intimacy level, bringing the relationship back to a time when they were dating, a more mysterious time.

Overall, this was a very well written article and very interesting. The seemingly oddity about it caught my eye and kept it there. Because it was a feature piece in the Sunday edition of the New York Times, I was unable to find a similar story anywhere else, but it is a notable trend and an interesting article that I thought was worth writing about.

Challenges in writing this story included making sure enough information was gathered from all ages of the country as well as different backgrounds. While the reporter included interviews from couples experiencing these changes, she also got opinions from builders, contractors, etc. as well as sociologists from the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota, which added credibility to her article.

I just wonder if I'll ever want a separate bedroom ...