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Three Gopher Football Players in Jail after Accusations of Rape

Alex Daniels, Keith Massey, both 20, and E.J. Jones, 19, were arrested Friday night after an 18-year-old woman called police and claimed she was assaulted at the University Village apartments where the men live. All three men are players on the University of Minnesota's Gopher Football team, who just hired a new coach.

The men were each given a $100,000 bail on Saturday, and were expected to be released, pending charges, on Sunday.

According to the Pioneer Press: "Meanwhile, as friends and relatives expressed surprise at the arrests, university athletics officials tried not to let news infiltrate Saturday's annual spring scrimmage, which attracted several thousand alumni and other fans to the Metrodome.

Communications staff told players not to discuss the situation, and reporters were told that if they raised the issue, interviews would be cut short. "

According to the Star Tribune: "On Sunday, Jeff DeGree, the attorney for Jones, said he is "cautiously optimistic" that charges won't be filed."

The Pioneer Press' article was extremely long, almost like a feature piece, full with interviews from family members, old high school friends, and all the extra personal information they could dig up on the arrested men. Although it was very informative, I felt that such a touchy topic should have been treated with slightly more respect and dignity. The Star Tribune, however, was on the other end other end of the spectrum. Their article was the length of a brief, and didn't provide nearly enough sufficient information compared to that of the Pioneer Press article.

Knowing when to draw the line on issues like these is definitely a challenge, but both local papers missed the mark.