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West Point Cadet found to have Drowned in Goose Lake

Nicholas Rossini disappeared on December 17th, and the West Point Academy student's body was just found in Goose Lake in northern Ramsey County. According to the autopsy, he drowned.

According to the Pioneer Press:

"He left his parents' home before dawn, giving no hint of where he was going.

The Rossinis and their five daughters expressed optimism that a lesser evil had befallen Nick until the very end. They theorized he had suffered a head injury in the accident that left him dazed, perhaps unaware of his own identity." [on the day of the disappearance].

Investigators believe that he had been on a jog when he met his fate. He was wearing running sweats and the time of his disappearance corresponded with his West Point training schedule. They say he might have fallen through the thin ice on Goose Lake, thinking that it was frozen over completely.

According to the Star Tribune: ""There's absolutely nothing to indicate that Nick took his own life," [White Bear Lake Police Chief Lynne] Bankes said. "There was no trauma to the body nor any reason to believe this was anything but a tragic accident.""

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press wrote long exposes on this discovery, including many interviews with family members and friends.