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Mike Hatch Resigns

Former Attorney General Mike Hatch announced today that he is stepping down from his position. This occurs after a flurry of rumors regarding the policies put forth by Hatch in recent months. Since January 1, three dozen staffers at the Attorney General's office have left, complaining of harsh policies.

In a letter to his successor, Lori Swanson, Hatch wrote, "It is apparent that changes I made during my administration are unfairly being attributed to you. It is not appropriate that you should become the target of complaints involving my administration."

According to the article in the Star Tribune: "Swanson placed Hatch, who was accused during his years as Attorney General of being rough on his staff, in a top position with a salary of nearly $107,000 when she took office in January."

According to the shorter article by the Pioneer Press: "Hatch, a Democrat, was attorney general from 1999 through last year, when he ran for governor and lost. Swanson was Hatch's longtime protege and became his solicitor general, the No. 2 slot in the office. She was his hand-picked successor for the DFL nomination for attorney general last year."

Interesting about the coverage of these two stories is that they reported the numbers differently comparing the amount of people who have left since January. The Star Tribune reported it as "three dozen" while the Pioneer Press reported "more than 30."

Whats confusing is that, and maybe it is just me, but I wasn't aware that Mike Hatch was still working for the Attorney General's office, or exactly what position he resigned from. Is the general public just as confused?