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The Beast in the Jungle

I thought this story was interesting. Although (maybe I missed it) but I don't know what the "beast" was. I like the fact that there is so much mystery around it though. I also like the hints about a love story here, "The fact that she 'knew' -knew and yet neither chaffed him nor betrayed him-had in a short time begun to constitute between them a sensible bond."

Something that was very confusing to me was there was references to a third person sometimes (in the first person), for example on page 252, "What we are especially concerned with is the turn it happened to take from her one afternoon when he had come to see her in honour of her birthday." Who is we? Also on page 256, "It was all to have made, none the less, as I have said..." And again on page 278, "He was to live to believe this, I say, thought he was not to live, I may not less definitely mention..." Who is I? That was very confusing to me!

The Jolly Corner

First I thought it was slightly amusing that the name of the story is "The Jolly Corner", when all this spooky stuff happens at this's not so jolly! I did have a hard time reading this story, the descriptions were good, although a bit on the longer side. Like on page 285, there is the longest sentence that I think James's has ever written! It starts with, "He had come..." and goes on and on. On page 287 I like the description of Staverton (I think) "if she were a fair young woman who looked older through trouble, or a fine smooth older one who looked young through successful indifference." There were also ghost like words scattered through the text, like "evil hours," and "fanged."

On page 311 the description was great, "-his planted stillness, his vivid truth, his grizzled bent head and white masking hands, his queer actuality of evening-dress, of dangling double eye-glass, of gleaming silk lappet and white linen, of pearl button and gold watch-guard and polished shoe."

Also at the end he dies but comes back? How? And what does Alice mean by "And now I keep you." That just sounds really creepy to me!

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