His Father's Son and Afterward

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His Father's Son was a super bizarre story. I just could not stop thinking of the son as a stupid, ungrateful, jerk. I mean the main thing he thinks of when he thinks his dad is not his dad is "oh now I have to pay him back for all the money he has ever spent on me". The super weird part is that the Dad has been the one writing letters, in his MOMS name. It's just bizarre. What inspires a person to do that? It's almost like a love affair through letters but he didn't love him. The fact that his wife didn't find it at all strange, transcribing letters for her husband to send to another man is weird also.
Afterward was lovely. Just the whole settings of the house and the descriptions are grogeous:
"The room itself might be full of secrets. They seemed to be piling themselves up, as evening fell, like the layers and layersof velvet shadow dropping from the low ceiling, the rows of books, the smoke-blurred sculpture of the hearth."
A new element to this ghost story that we haven't seen in any of the other ones is that Mary actually holds a conversation with the ghost. A super creepy conversation when you look at what the ghosts says. I mean its just eerie when he says "I think he expects me" and "I've come a long way. The one thing that puzzled me about it though is Alida says that there is a ghost but is the ghost different for every person that lives there or are there multiple ghosts or what? Because I didn't really come to a conclusion about that. I mean obviously the ghost hasn't been Mr. Ewell for everybody that has lived there, especially since he just died. That's the only loose end that I wasn't able to tie up.

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