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What? That was the end? I felt let down! She so passively went to Nettleton with him, like she was in a daze. I think this was her last defense- she didn't go to the wedding aware of her surroundings nor kicking and screaming, she was merely passive. She saw it as her only way out. However, from her former attitude, I would have thought she would have gone the Julia route before marrying someone who was her FATHER for 16 years. I did like that she was adamant about getting Harney's broach back from the "oh so kind" doctor.
Even thought I feel bad for Charity's new found marriage situation, I wanted to punch Harney. What a slimeball! And she suspected that he had something going on with Annabele, since she kept popping up randomly- the shoes were Annabele's, Ally worked for her, she was at the Festival, and Charity wished she looked like Annabele. It seems quite cruel that Annabele is the one who Harney was engaged to.
I felt horrible for Charity at the end, because she tried the few other options she had to get out of marrying Royall, and had to do that option in the end. The constellation prize was that she finally felt safe.

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