Summer II

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In the second half of Summer the first part is pretty much about Charity experiencing life as she never has in her, now physical, relationship with Harney. She seems to do it in the classic love-sick way that all teenage girls experiencing their first love do. As in kind of just living for that connection and not really keeping a total grip on reality:
"Everything unrelated to the hours spent in that tranquil place was as faint as the remembrance of a dream. The only reality was the wondrous unfolding of her new self, the reaching out to the light of all her contracted tendrils."
You really get the symbolism and significance of the love affair taking place in the summer in these passages, Wharton kind of hits you over the head with it when she says things like:
"She had always thought of love as something confused and furtive and he made it as bright and open as the summer air."
"Under his tough things deep down in her struggled to the light and sprang up like flowers in sunshine."
And then of course when things start to fall apart, Charity does the class Wharton heroine thing to do, which is bolts. Which results in her getting saved by Miles and Hyatt and then bolting again and getting saved by Royall. The relationship that Royall and Charity form when he takes her down from the mountain for the second time is interesting. I, at least, gave more credit to Royall for coming to her rescue again and for making her feel safe which he ultimately does. Interesting quote:
"As everything else in her consciousness grew more and more confused and immaterial, became more and more like the universal shimmer that dissolves the world to failing eyes, Mr. Royall's presence began to detach itself with rocky firmness from this elusive background.

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