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PubH 3100 - Making Sense of Health Studies course

This course is for (1) anyone who wants to make good, well-informed decisions about
their health and well-being, and (2) anyone who wants to write health news reports that
will enable people to make good, well-informed health decisions.

Every day we get reports about the latest health research on television news, in newspapers, in magazines, in books. We are bombarded by television commercials that keep us up to date on the latest drugs, their uses and their side effects. Infomercials extoll the virtues of medical devices and medical treatments. We are always told to, "ask your doctor". And, of course, there is the Internet--"Dr. Google" is where patients now routinely get their second (or even first) opinions.

This course will help you to make sense of the health news that surrounds us daily. It is taught by scientists who contribute to the health-research literature and who are experts in the design, analysis and interpretation of health research. This course is targeted to students who do not expect to obtain graduate degrees in the health sciences.