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Learn from Vice President Walter Mondale this spring

This spring semester, Professor Larry Jacobs will be teaching a course with Vice President Mondale - Great Debates of Our Time: U.S. Policy and Politics. The course is an in depth examination of America's constitutional crises as presidents have struggled to balance national security with the country's laws and values.

This is a unique moment to learn from Walter Mondale - a remarkable public servant who served at the center of U.S. national security policy and initiated the modern vice presidency.

The class will examine the exercise of presidential prerogative by four Democratic administrations (Truman, Johnson, Carter, and Obama) and three Republican administrations (Nixon, Reagan, and Bush) through lively readings, special guest speakers, and participatory exercises in class and in smaller tutorials. This course is both timely and timeless, anchored in both longstanding and current debates about executive power.

The course is open to general public who can audit the course (and not take the exams and papers); it is also open to University students for credit. The course, PA 1005: Great Debates of Our Time: U.S. Policy and Politics, is listed in the class schedule under term: Spring 2010 and subject: Public Affairs.