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New environmental communication graduate course for Fall 2010

JOUR 8990 Environmental Communication
Tuesdays, 4:00 - 6:30 PM
Murphy Hall, Room 15

Communication plays an important role in ecological systems. The seminar is a study of the historical, cultural, and material contexts within which environmental communication takes place, and an assessment of various media strategies. The aim is not only to understand environmental communication, but also to begin answering a basic question: how might we improve communication strategies in order to facilitate more sustainable social practices, institutions, and systems? Among the topics covered: news coverage of climate change, cultural creativity in environmental education, environmental advertising, greenwashing, and media strategies of environmental movements. In addition to studying environmental communication, students will come away from the seminar with a practical sense of how to communicate more effectively with diverse constituencies about environmental problems and possibilities.

The seminar will be taught by Mark Pedelty. Dr. Pedelty is a faculty member of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and Fellow in the Institute on the Environment. For additional information, email pedelty@umn.edu