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July 27, 2010

Film course based on Walker Art Center Film Series

Engl 3040/5040, Afro 3910
Film and Fiction of African Director Ousmane Sembene
Special Course Based on Walker Art Center's Sembene Film Series

Sembene is widely regarded as the founder of African cinema and a major figure in world film. The British Film Institute chose his film Xala (The Curse) for its centenary collection of the 100 best films made in cinema's first hundred years. Walker Art Center is doing a Sembene retrospective this fall, gving us a rare chance to view all nine of his feature films (some of them quite rare) in full 35mm projection, with various scholars introducing them and discussing them.

Sembene was also a novelist, and many of the films are based on novels and short stories that he himself wrote. The class will read and study some of these literary works in order to compare them with the films they inspired, and will also view in class shorter films by Sembene that are not on the Walker program. Because Sembene's work deals with all the post-independence issues that still confront Africa today, the course will be of interest to students from a variety of disciplines, including literature, film studies, global studies, cultural studies, African studies, history, women's studies, and geography. Students from outside the University of Minnesota may register through Continuing Education and Extension.

Instructor: Charles Sugnet sugnet@umn.edu (Morse Alumni Award, Arthur Motley Exemplary Tch Aw) 3 credits. Course meets Wednesdays from 5PM to 7:30 PM. Students must reserve the time to view films at Walker Art Center on Friday and Saturday evenings between Nov 5 and Nov 20, and on Sunday afternoons November 7 and 14. Admission to the films at Walker Art Center will be free for registered students. Students may arrange to do the readings and submit their written work in French if that fits their educational objectives.

KARE 11 seeks Producer

KARE 11 News is looking for an energetic, creative producer. Full-time, includes weekend newscasts, web producing and fill-in producing on newscasts during the week. Excellent writing skills for on-air and on-line, strong news judgment, internet savvy, and a good work ethic required. Social Media skills a definite plus.

Closing Date: 8/23/2010
Experience: 3 Year(s)
Requirements: Minimum three years experience.
Send non-returnable tapes, salary requirements & resumes to:
KARE 11 News
Tom Lindner, Vice President News Director
8811 Olson Memorial Hwy
Minneapolis, MN 55427

Seats available for Investigative Journalism and Bioethics course

Sick of PR about the glory of science and the great American healthcare system? Taught by New Yorker and Mother Jones writer Carl Elliott and healthcare journalist Amy Snow Landa, this course will peel back the gleaming surface of American medicine and look at its dark, slick underbelly through the eyes of muckrakers, whistleblowers and scandal-mongers.

BTHX 5000 or JOUR 5990
Thursdays 9:30-noon
The course is open to upper level undergrads and graduate students. 3 credits
Complete information at OneStop.

July 16, 2010

Seats still available in Covering the Arts course with Camille LeFevre

Seats still available! Enroll today!
JOUR 4990: Covering the Arts: New Media, New Paradigms From Criticism to Communications
Course explores role of new media in shaping the future of arts journalism and communication

Arts journalism isn't dying; it's morphing into new forms using new media to reach new audiences. Journalists and communications professionals are finding ways to use social media to cover the arts and reshape the roles and responsibilities of arts journalists in the process.

In this collaborative course, open to professional journalism and professional strategic communication track students, students pursuing individualized degree programs, and select non-journalism majors with instructor permission, students will engage in critical thinking, writing and research about the state of arts journalism. They also will enjoy access to music, dance and theater performances throughout Minneapolis-and the people who promote and cover those performances.

Students will walk away from this class with a prismatic perspective on the challenges and successes of covering the arts. They also will enjoy free tickets and backstage access to the Southern Theater and Northrop Dance Season, and access to the Walker Art Center.

Through this class students will:
• Critique musical performances by Ben Frost and Tim Hecker (in a rare U.S. appearance at the Southern)
• Critique dance performances by the youthful ABTII and the legendary Paul Taylor Dance Company (at Northrop)
• Meet with curators and public relations professionals at the Walker Art Center
• Critique Eiko & Koma's visual arts/dance installation at the Walker
• Collaborate with the Southern's music curator
• Strategize with Northrop's artistic and PR directors to create innovative communications channels to reach new audiences (slide shows, video, viral messaging, social media)
• Study the Southern's new songwriting series, "Lush Life: Interpretations for the American Jazz Canon," with the Heiruspecs, Adam Levy, Ill Chemistry, Janey Winterbauer, Mayda and other local musicians.

In addition, the class will meet with local editors and writers as the class explores how the landscape of arts journalism is changing and why and where reporting/criticism and communications/PR overlap. In the end students will discover how arts journalists in the 21st century can compose a career that traverses both camps (journalist/communicator) while maintaining their distinct ethical firewalls.

About the course:

JOUR 4990 Special Topics in Mass Communication: Professional
Covering the Arts: New Media, New Paradigms From Criticism to Communications
4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M., M, W (09/07/2010 - 12/15/2010), MurH 15, TCEASTBANK, A-F only , 3 credits

Prerequisites: JOUR major or approved IDIM or ICP or BIS major, Jour 3004W or 3004V, (3101 or 3101H or JOUR 3201 or JOUR 3202) or Instructor Permission. Note: This is a seminar-style class with lots of student participation required.

To enroll, students who have met the course prerequisites may add the class from One Stop. Other students should submit a writing to sample to the instructor, Camille LeFevre, via email (lefev025@umn.edu) and request permission to take the class.

For SJMC majors, this course is a professional (skills) special topics course. To request a program amendment to include this course on your major program plan visit: http://sjmc.umn.edu/ugrad/programAmendmentForm.html

About the instructor:

Camille LeFevre is a freelance arts journalist and editor, dance critic and dance scholar, whose criticism and essays on the performing arts, music, architecture, design, business and the environment have appeared in such publications as Metropolis, Architectural Record, Audubon, Utne Reader, Minnesota Magazine and Architecture Minnesota. She is the dance critic for Minnpost.com. Her magazine affiliations have included the founding arts editor of Twin Cities METRO, the former editor of Architecture Minnesota, and the founder, publisher and editor of The Prairie Reader.

July 15, 2010

Fall internships available in Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office

The Washington D.C. Office of Senator Amy Klobuchar is currently accepting internship applications for the 2010 fall semester. An internship with the Senator's office is a terrific chance for students to see, and gain experience in, the United States legislative process.

In your first several days you can expect to become familiar with the staff, the office, and Capitol Hill. You will receive training from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), learn how to use the Library of Congress to research policy issues, and attend professional development workshops. If you want to get to know Washington, DC better, our office is glad to arrange visits to other government buildings, monuments, and museums.

Interns will support the legislative and professional staff by conducting policy research to be used for floor speeches, committee hearings, and other legislative materials. Interns will also be asked to do a variety of administrative tasks, including tours of the U.S. Capitol for visitors from Minnesota.

The fall internship runs from September through December and is available both part time and full time. If you will be attending classes while you are here we ask that you note that on your internship application, as well as what days and times you are available to work. We are happy to coordinate with educational institutions and students to develop internships for academic credit.

Materials required for consideration:

* Cover letter
* Resume
* Short writing sample
* Two letters of recommendation
* Application (available at http://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/internships.cfm)

If you would like to be considered for this program, please send your application materials by mail, email, or fax to:

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
c/o Internship Coordinator
302 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Phone: 202-224-3244
Fax: 202-228-2186
Email: elizabeth_frosch@klobuchar.senate.gov

The fall deadline for application materials is July 23, 2010. Please be aware that due to security measures it may take mail through the postal system up to 2 weeks to reach our DC office. We recommend using the email address above to submit your application materials to ensure your application arrives in time. Please note that while we will accept applications from non-Minnesotans, our office gives priority to applicants with Minnesota ties.