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Seats still available in Covering the Arts course with Camille LeFevre

Seats still available! Enroll today!
JOUR 4990: Covering the Arts: New Media, New Paradigms From Criticism to Communications
Course explores role of new media in shaping the future of arts journalism and communication

Arts journalism isn't dying; it's morphing into new forms using new media to reach new audiences. Journalists and communications professionals are finding ways to use social media to cover the arts and reshape the roles and responsibilities of arts journalists in the process.

In this collaborative course, open to professional journalism and professional strategic communication track students, students pursuing individualized degree programs, and select non-journalism majors with instructor permission, students will engage in critical thinking, writing and research about the state of arts journalism. They also will enjoy access to music, dance and theater performances throughout Minneapolis-and the people who promote and cover those performances.

Students will walk away from this class with a prismatic perspective on the challenges and successes of covering the arts. They also will enjoy free tickets and backstage access to the Southern Theater and Northrop Dance Season, and access to the Walker Art Center.

Through this class students will:
• Critique musical performances by Ben Frost and Tim Hecker (in a rare U.S. appearance at the Southern)
• Critique dance performances by the youthful ABTII and the legendary Paul Taylor Dance Company (at Northrop)
• Meet with curators and public relations professionals at the Walker Art Center
• Critique Eiko & Koma's visual arts/dance installation at the Walker
• Collaborate with the Southern's music curator
• Strategize with Northrop's artistic and PR directors to create innovative communications channels to reach new audiences (slide shows, video, viral messaging, social media)
• Study the Southern's new songwriting series, "Lush Life: Interpretations for the American Jazz Canon," with the Heiruspecs, Adam Levy, Ill Chemistry, Janey Winterbauer, Mayda and other local musicians.

In addition, the class will meet with local editors and writers as the class explores how the landscape of arts journalism is changing and why and where reporting/criticism and communications/PR overlap. In the end students will discover how arts journalists in the 21st century can compose a career that traverses both camps (journalist/communicator) while maintaining their distinct ethical firewalls.

About the course:

JOUR 4990 Special Topics in Mass Communication: Professional
Covering the Arts: New Media, New Paradigms From Criticism to Communications
4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M., M, W (09/07/2010 - 12/15/2010), MurH 15, TCEASTBANK, A-F only , 3 credits

Prerequisites: JOUR major or approved IDIM or ICP or BIS major, Jour 3004W or 3004V, (3101 or 3101H or JOUR 3201 or JOUR 3202) or Instructor Permission. Note: This is a seminar-style class with lots of student participation required.

To enroll, students who have met the course prerequisites may add the class from One Stop. Other students should submit a writing to sample to the instructor, Camille LeFevre, via email (lefev025@umn.edu) and request permission to take the class.

For SJMC majors, this course is a professional (skills) special topics course. To request a program amendment to include this course on your major program plan visit: http://sjmc.umn.edu/ugrad/programAmendmentForm.html

About the instructor:

Camille LeFevre is a freelance arts journalist and editor, dance critic and dance scholar, whose criticism and essays on the performing arts, music, architecture, design, business and the environment have appeared in such publications as Metropolis, Architectural Record, Audubon, Utne Reader, Minnesota Magazine and Architecture Minnesota. She is the dance critic for Minnpost.com. Her magazine affiliations have included the founding arts editor of Twin Cities METRO, the former editor of Architecture Minnesota, and the founder, publisher and editor of The Prairie Reader.