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Important announcements regarding spring semester classes

Wait lists for SJMC courses
Final wait lists for all journalism classes will be sent to instructors Thursday. If you want to add your name to one of the wait lists, you must do so immediately. Only students who attend the first day of class will be eligible for any spaces that open up, so you must attend the first day of class even if your name is on the wait list.

First day of class
Spring semester classes begin Jan. 18. If you are enrolled but do not attend the first day of class, you may lose your place in class to another student.

Instructors will take attendance and will note:
* Any enrolled students who did NOT attend class
* All WAIT LIST students who did attend class.

Instructors will provide this information to the SJMC Student Services Center. If a class has vacancies, the Student Services Center will determine which WAIT LIST STUDENTS will be admitted, based on seniority and meeting course prerequisites.

Admitted WAIT LIST students will receive a class permission number by email, using their OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY EMAIL ADDRESS, and must enroll in the class promptly--within 24 hours--to secure their seat in the class.