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Course Addition- Jour 4991 Representing Media in the Marketplace

If you've ever wanted to lead a news-and-information company, write about the media industry or learn about advertising sales and marketing, Jour 4991 is the class for you. This class is appropriate for journalism, strategic communication and business-focused students.

Instructor of the class is School of Journalism and Mass Communication senior fellow J. Keith Moyer, former publisher of the Star Tribune and editor-in-chief of several Top 100 daily newspapers.

Students will get detailed insights into the business side of media industries, including the latest trends in digital media, television/radio, newspapers, magazines and sports marketing.

This is your chance to learn about the challenges of the new economic environment and how they affect the media industry. The course features trips to ad agencies, newspapers, television and radio stations, pro sports facilities and internet outlets, as well as a regular line-up of Twin Cities media industry leaders as guest speakers.

‎"Representing Media in the Marketplace was an extraordinary class. This class gave us a real life look at how media sales really work and introduced us to invaluable mentors in the media community. Representing Media in the Marketplace truly helped to guide me into my future career in advertising." -- Tabitha Fields (spring SJMC graduate)

@debcarneol "Jour4991 seems really interesting. Wish I had it when I was still in college - @UMN_SJMC"

@bradspy "@umn_sjmc Jour4991 sounds wonderful! I need to be a student apparently ... again."

The course could be of particular interest to students who took JOUR 3551, 4193, 4263, 4272, 4992 or 5725.

Prerequisites: JOUR major or minor or approved IDIM, ICP, BIS major, plus JOUR 3004; or instructor permission