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Help us to help you- Registration Tips from Undergraduate Student Services

Journalism is a very popular major and we try very hard to admit as many qualified students as possible. However, that means our professional courses are likely to fill each semester and wait lists are also likely to develop.

Here is what we are asking you to do to help us keep the doors to our major and to our professional classes open to all qualified students:

1) Register on time.

2) Register only for courses you plan to take. Cancel any courses that you decide not to take as soon as you are certain you will not want the class. This will allow us to admit eligible students from the wait lists while they still have time to adjust their class schedules if necessary.

3) If the section you want is closed, put your name on the wait list. Be as flexible as you possibly can, and register for another section or put your name on multiple wait lists. Do not wait until the first day because you think the section you prefer will open up then. If you take this risk and the course does not open up, there is very little we can do to help you once classes have begun.

4) A reminder, you may not skip class to register.

Getting in to courses reserved for journalism majors:
Non-majors must attend the first day of class to determine if space is available. If space is available on the first day and the instructor believes you have appropriate academic or professional background for the class, the SJMC Student Services staff in 110 Murphy Hall will be notified later that day. SJMC Student Services staff will determine which students will be admitted. Majors will have priority for all available places.

Requesting amendments to update your program plan:
Majors should remember to request program amendments for any courses not on your original plan before you register for a new course. You can now request changes online here!