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May 17, 2011

Jour 3241: Creative Strategy and Copywriting

There are seats available in Jour 3241, Section 001, for fall 2011. Make sure to register for this section before the class moves to a waitlist.

Jour 3241, Section 001
9:45 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.
Tuesday, Thursday
Murphy Hall room 228
3 credits

May 6, 2011

Jour 4991: Special Topics in Mass Communication- Media in the Marketplace

If you've ever wanted to lead a news-and-information company, write about the media industry or learn about advertising sales and marketing, Jour 4991 Section 002 is the class for you. This class is appropriate for journalism, strategic communication and business-focused students.

Instructor of the class is School of Journalism and Mass Communication senior fellow J. Keith Moyer, former publisher of the Star Tribune and editor-in-chief of several Top 100 daily newspapers.

Students will get detailed insights into the business side of media industries, including the latest trends in digital media, television/radio, newspapers, magazines and sports marketing.

This is your chance to learn about the challenges of the new economic environment and how they affect the media industry. The course features trips to ad agencies, newspapers, television and radio stations, pro sports facilities and internet outlets, as well as a regular line-up of Twin Cities media industry leaders as guest speakers.

Comments from former students:

‎"Representing Media in the Marketplace was an extraordinary class. This class gave us a real life look at how media sales really work and introduced us to invaluable mentors in the media community. Representing Media in the Marketplace truly helped to guide me into my future career in advertising." -- Tabitha Fields (spring SJMC graduate)

@debcarneol "Jour4991 seems really interesting. Wish I had it when I was still in college - @UMN_SJMC"

@bradspy "@umn_sjmc Jour4991 sounds wonderful! I need to be a student apparently ... again."

Tu/Th: 10:10 - 12:05;
Room 25, Murphy Hall;
3 credits, A/F
Prerequisites: JOUR major or minor or approved IDIM, ICP, BIS major, plus JOUR 3004; or instructor permission. The course would be of particular interest to students who took JOUR 3551, 4193, 4263, 4272, 4992 or 5725.

Jour 4991: Special Topics in Mass Communication- Entrepreneurial Journalism

Jour 4991: Special Topics in Mass Communication: Entrepreneurial Journalism

Opportunities abound for journalists who are willing to view the ongoing changes in the profession through an entrepreneurial lens. From developers of smart-phone apps to creators of new products and services in a range of media and forms, enterprising journalists are launching a variety of intriguing businesses.

This course gives students a hands-on introduction to entrepreneurial journalism -- the marriage of journalism, business, and useful technologies. We will focus not on the creation of journalistic content, but on the ways that journalists can act entrepreneurially to develop new and unexpected markets for their work, distribute it, and earn income from it. Students will learn about successful business models, the art of adapting and repurposing stories and beats for entrepreneurial purposes, the management and marketing of a journalistic brand, funding sources, and the creation of business plans.

The instruction will draw on lectures by the instructor and guests, case studies, readings, students' research into entrepreneurial start-ups, and in-class student presentations. Students' final project will be the development of a business plan or proposal that they will pitch in class for the evaluation of a visiting venture capitalist, app developer, or agent.

By the end of the course, students will have added to their journalistic skills the knowledge and tools they will need to venture into media entrepreneurship. They will understand how to monetize journalistic projects for distribution in a variety of business formats.

Friday: 9:45 - 12:30;
Room 25, Murphy Hall;
3 credits, A/F
Prerequisites: SJMC major; permission of instructor for non-majors and minors. Maximum enrollment of 20.
[Counts as context or optional course in SJMC major program plan].

Prerequisites: JOUR major or minor or approved IDIM, ICP, BIS major, plus JOUR 3004; or instructor permission.

About The Instructor:
Jack El-Hai has worked as an independent journalist for 25 years. The author of more than 500 articles and ten books, he has repurposed and licensed his work for many media, including print, audio, and screen. Four of his works have been optioned for film and television, including his biography The Lobotomist, which tells the story of lobotomy developer and advocate Walter Freeman. The Lobotomist was produced as a PBS American Experience television documentary and is under option for movie and TV development by Realm Pictures in collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions. El-Hai, who earned an MFA in nonfiction writing and literature from Bennington College, is a past president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the nation's leading organization of entrepreneurial nonfiction writers.

May 5, 2011

Additional Seats Available for Jour 3745- Mass Media and Popular Culture

Jour 3745- Mass Media and Popular Culture for May Term has opened additional seats. This course also satisfies the Cultural Diversity, Arts/Humanities and Social Justice theme requirements. Register today!

Section Addition- Jour 3451, Lecture 3 and Lab 4

Another section has opened up for Jour 3451, register as soon as possible if you are interested in taking this course fall semester.

May 4, 2011

Spring Celebration 2011

On Monday, May 2, nearly 200 members of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication community gathered for the annual Spring Celebration. The event honors graduating students, scholarship winners, donors, and the alumni recipient of the Award for Excellence.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of private donors, the SJMC awarded more than 75 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, totaling nearly $460,000 for the 2011-12 school year. Many scholarship recipients, as well as their parents, were in attendance.

Scott Meyer, BA '04, received the Award for Excellence from the SJMC Alumni Society. The award is given annually to an SJMC alumnus who exemplifies excellence, leadership, and creativity in his or her chosen field. The award, first given in 1980, has been awarded to graduates of the School representing many different facets of the communications industry, including advertising, public relations, print journalism, broadcast journalism, photography, and academia.

Meyer is one of the founders of the highly respected Minneapolis-based public relations firm, Mona Meyer McGrath & Gavin. Scott's former colleagues Dave Mona, Dennis McGrath and Sara Gavin were all on hand to congratulate him on this honor.

With more than 30 years in business strategy, management and marketing, Scott has developed an international reputation as a business and marketing strategist. His background includes serving as Chief Executive Officer of Shandwick International, one of the world's top three public relations firms. At Shandwick, Scott led the integration of 16 separate companies into a unified global brand with 1500 employees in 34 countries and $225 million in revenue. He also has corporate experience with Piper Jaffray Companies, International Multifoods, US Bank, Control Data Corporation, Lawson Software and
Liberty Diversified International.

Scott's specialty is helping organizations develop a clear vision and then align its strategy and execution around that vision. He has worked with a range of clients from corporations to non-profits to governments, including Cargill, General Electric, University of
Minnesota, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, MasterCard, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, Northwest Airlines, NCAA, US Bank, General Motors, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, McDonalds, the United States Attorney's General Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Committed to mentoring the next generation of public relations and business
professionals, Scott has taught on the adjunct journalism faculties at both the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas.

May 3, 2011

Call For Entries- Manhattan Short Film Festival

An extraordinary global event takes place during the week of September 25- October 2, 2011 when over 100,000 people in over 250 cities across six continents gather in Cinemas, Art Museums and Universities for one purpose- to view and vote on ten short films (14 minutes & under) from ten separate countries which are finalists in the annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival.

Your Assignment: Organize your very own Media Team to represent your City, town, school or University that has elected to host the 2011 MANHATTAN SHORT and report on the happenings in your town.

Each group must have people covering these four elements:
1) A Social Media Producer
2) TV Host/Hostess
3) Journalist & Team Writer
4) Photographer & DP

For more information visit Manhattan Short Film Festival.

The Film Festival's mission is to unite audiences from all corners of the globe for one week via the most compelling short films submitted each year. Our tagline, One World - One Week- One Festival is emblazoned within the rings that surround the Festival logo and its this mantra that sets us apart from any other film event of the year. MANHATTAN SHORT is more then one of the world's largest short film festivals, it's the world's first global film festival.

Jour 5174: Magazine Editing and Production

If you wish to take Jour 5174 (Magazine Editing and Production) next year and have met the course prerequisites, you should take Jour 5174 in FALL semester.

Due to low enrollment in the fall, there will not be room in the spring semester class for all graduating sections who wish to take the class at that time.

Waitlist Sections added for Jour 4259 and Jour 4263

Jour 4259 Section 2 and Jour 4263 Section 4 are now open. If you wish to take either course in the fall semester, you should register or put your name on the wait list for these available sections immediately. The remaining places will be given to students on the waitlist in order of seniority this week or early next week.

Psychology of Terrorism Symposium

Join the Center for the Study of Political Psychology and the Political Psychology Minor Program as they host two visiting speakers for a symposium on the political psychology of terrorism.

Friday, May 6
Lippencott Room 1314, Social Sciences
10 am- Dr. Martha Crenshaw will speak on "Terrorism Studies and Political Psychology."
3 pm- Dr. Arie Kruglanski will speak on "Quest for Personal Meaning and the Emergence of Terrorism."

Drs. Joanne Miller and Chris Federico, will provide their perspectives as discussants. This is a free event.

May 2, 2011

Lecture Event- "Scientists and Journalists: Can't We All Just Get Along?"

The Consortium on Law & Values is co-hosting a lecture with the Institute of Human Genetics. There will be a small group meeting with journalism students and the speaker following the formal lecture.

Mary Carmichael
Title: "Scientists and Journalists: Can't We All Just Get Along?"
Wednesday, May 25
11:00-12:00 (student meeting 1-2pm)
Room 2-530 Moos Tower

Mary Carmichael is a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. She covered medical science for a decade at Newsweek, where she was a senior writer with specialties in human genetics and genomics, psychiatry, and global health. She had several cover stories, including a personal experience with Direct to Consumer genetic testing. She also writes for The Economist, Nature, Scientific American, the Boston Globe, Xconomy, and others. She is a co-author of two books and contributor to several others, and has degrees in biological anthropology and public policy from Duke. She offers a unique perspective of hype in the scientific media and the responsibilities of journalists in reporting health related breakthroughs.