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Important Info Regarding Registration in SJMC Professional Courses

Help us to help you. Journalism is a very popular major. We try very hard to admit as many qualified students as we possibly can. However, that means that our professional courses are likely to fill each semester and that waitlists are likely to develop.

Here is What We are Asking You To Do:
• Register on time.
• Register only for courses you plan to take.
• Cancel any courses that you decide not to take as soon as you are certain you will not want the class. This will allow us to admit eligible students from the waitlists while they still have time to adjust their class schedules if necessary.
• You may not skip class to register.

Who is Teaching Each Section?
• SJMC hires dozens of adjunct instructors each year to teach many of our courses.
• The names of adjuncts assigned to specific sections are entered into the Course Schedule as soon as possible, but sometimes those personnel decisions haven't been finalized before registration begins.
• We cannot answer questions about who is assigned to specific sections before the information is entered into the Course Schedule.

When a Course is "Closed,"
• you should place yourself on the course waitlist.
• if there are available seats in other sections of the same course, enroll in one of the sections with open seats or put your name on multiple wait lists in order to ensure a place in a course you need to complete your program plan.
• do not wait until the first day because you think the section you prefer will open up then. If you take this risk and the course does not open up, there is very little we can do to help you once classes have begun.
• any student with a place in a closed course who does not attend the first day of class will lose his/her seat to a student on the waitlist.

If You are on a Course Waitlist,
• you must attend the first class meeting for that course in order to be eligible for an open seat if one becomes available.
• your place on the waitlist for a course DOES NOT correspond to your place on the priority list for admittance to that course.

Authority to Assign Students on the Waitlist to Open Seats
• SJMC Student Services staff members are solely authorized to admit students from waitlists into courses with available seats. Admittance from the waitlist is based on a number of criteria that can only be determined by the staff in the SJMC Student Services Center.
• Individual faculty members teaching courses do not have the authority to admit students from the waitlist into their course if there are available spaces on the first class day. DO NOT make a direct appeal for a seat in a closed course to the faculty member teaching the course.
• Faculty members are instructed to submit the names of the enrolled students who attended the course and any students from the waitlist who attended and are eligible for the course to the staff in the SJMC Student Services Center in 110 Murphy.
• SJMC will not accept petitions to be admitted to a closed course.
• Repeated attempts to appeal to a faculty member, the SJMC Student Services Center staff or other SJMC, College or University personnel about admittance to a course, or attempts to persuade enrolled students to switch sections with you, or to try to manipulate in any other way the enrollment process, will not be tolerated.

Requesting Amendments to Update your Program Plan
• Majors should remember to request program amendments for any courses not on your original plan before you register for a new course.
• Meet with your faculty mentor to request the program amendment and remember to bring a copy of your SJMC program plan and your APAS report to the meeting.

UM Classroom Scheduling Policy
• Colleges and departments must distribute classes evenly throughout the day and throughout the week.
• It is not possible for journalism majors to schedule all their classes on a Tuesday/Thursday meeting pattern in any semester.
• SJMC will not accept petitions or appeals for admittance to courses based on a preference for a Tuesday/Thursday meeting pattern.

Getting in to Courses Reserved for Journalism Majors
• Non-majors must attend the first day of class to determine if space is available.
• If space is available on the first day and the instructor believes you have appropriate academic or professional background for the class, the SJMC Student Services staff in 110 Murphy Hall will be notified later that day.
• SJMC Student Services staff will determine which students will be admitted.
• Majors will have priority for all available places.