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The New Economic Models for News conference, co-hosted by the Minnesota Journalism Center and the Minnesota Newspaper Guild brought together media professionals, students, professors and business leaders to discuss new economic methods to support the struggling news industry. The conference, held on June 16, 2009, included three panel discussions, a keynote address and three breakout sessions.
View video from the conference and read the conference summary.

INMS director Nora Paul interviewed by CNN

Institute for New Media Studies director Nora Paul was interviewed by CNN for the story, "Neda: Latest iconic image to inspire," published on June 24, 2009. The story deals with iconic images captured throughout history (and most recently during the Iranian election protests) by amateur photographers and videographers. Read the story.

Citizen journalists play critical role in Iran
With the mainstream media banned from Iran, coverage of the protests is now left to the protesters... SJMC professor Jane Kirtley, director of the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law at the University of Minnesota, says the role of the citizen journalist in Iran is critical right now.
View story and video.

PhD candidate Sarah Jackson's paper, "More than black and white: A critical analysis of newspaper coverage of the 1968 Olympic protests," has been selected for a top four student paper award in the Cultural and Critical Studies Division at the 2009 AEJMC Convention, to be held Aug. 5-8 in Boston.

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