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Minnesota Daily wins national awards

The Minnesota Daily was honored with six awards at the Associated Collegiate Press' National College Media Convention held Oct. 28-Nov. 1 in Austin, Tx.

In a story titled "Critics call Pawlenty's radio show too partisan," Silha Professor of Media Ethics and Law Jane Kirtley said Gov. Pawlenty remains on solid legal ground. The story aired on Nov. 20, 2009. Read the transcript or listen to the interview.

Blue M&M's may cure paralysis! That's just one claim made recently in a health segment on network TV. For more than three years, editor Gary Schwitzer has been methodically reviewing TV health news claims for accuracy and responsibility.

Research by assistant professor Heather LaMarre is featured in a new symposium issue of Mass Communication and Society that emphasizes the impact documentaries have on society.

The Murphy Reporter wins Minnesota Publishing Excellence Award

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