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Professional matchmaking with the SJMC Alumni Mentor Program

Meet Jim Sandstrom, a media director at Risdall Advertising Agency and SJMC alumnus, and Blake Bensman, a senior in the Professional Strategic Communication Track, participants in this year's SJMC Alumni Society Mentor Program. For more than a quarter century, the SJMC Alumni Society board has made hundreds of mentoring matches, connecting SJMC juniors, seniors and graduate students with professionals willing to share their experiences.

Learn more about the SJMC Alumni Mentor Program.

Minnesota Miles prepares for Spring Break at the Rec

Journalism major Miles Dombrovski (aka Minnesota Miles) is getting in shape at the University Rec Center just in time for Spring Break.

Prof. Jane Kirtley quoted in New York Times article

Silha Center director and professor Jane Kirtley was quoted in the New York Times in a "Week in Review" article, published on Feb. 26, 2010, about the conviction of Google executives for violation of Italian privacy law after allowing a video depicting a child being bullied to be posted on one of its services. Prof. Kirtley said, "Americans to this day don't fully appreciate how Europeans regard privacy. The reality is that they consider privacy a fundamental human right."

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