SJMC students explore ambiguity of everyday life in new magazine

BLUR now available on campus and online

If today's world is ruled by ambiguity, as some say, who would be a better judge than college students on the verge of graduation? A magazine production class in the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication chose to focus the magazine they created during the fall 2010 semester on exploring and interpreting what ambiguity means in everyday life.

BLUR Magazine, the culmination of a semester's worth of work for the students of Journalism 5174: Magazine Editing and Production, started with a multicultural focus and evolved into an investigation of the blurring lines between culture, food and music in today's society.

BLUR contains six departments: "Home," "Life," "Nine to Five," "Politics," "Tech" and "Voice."

"Whether it's because of our sexuality, life experience or taste in music, each and every one of us has unique characteristics that separate us from our peers," say co-editors Mandi Roberts and Lauren Scheller. "That's why BLUR educates, celebrates and accepts how these differences overlap and make us who we are."

Copies of BLUR magazine can be found at Coffman Memorial Union. Electronic copies are available on the BLUR website at The website includes a blog for each department, additional multimedia and full-length articles for readers to comment on and interact with the BLUR staff.

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